Re: Allocating memory in unix vs. windows

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/20/01

> I've recently added some code that creates a dynamic linked list.  It works
> fine on my home computer, but on the linux shell it seems to crash it when i
> try and create structures with perticular values.  Even tho the exact same
> thing is going on... I won't include the code, but i use the CREATE function
> to allocate the memory, and i cant see why it'd crash it in unix but not
> windows... any ideas?

        I'd recommend including the code.

        Chances are, windows (perhaps in debug mode, where all new
malloced memory is automagically bzero'ed) is doing a bit of extra work,
or not crashing when you do something funky to memory.

        Linux, on the other hand, jumps on your head and smashes your face
in.  Only code will tell.

        So, post it.


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