Re: ascii pfile

From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 03/21/01

> i got an ascii player file and the mud is no rent but then i get some eq and
> save and quit and come back in im not holding any eq. it just goes straight
> to my inv. if there is a thing to fix this could someone please help me?

        Check in structs.h for the following:

 * If you want equipment to be automatically equipped to the same place
 * it was when players rented, set the define below to 1.  Please note
 * that this will require erasing or converting all of your rent files.
 * And of course, you have to recompile everything.  We need this feature
 * for CircleMUD 3.0 to be complete but we refuse to break binary file
 * compatibility.
#define USE_AUTOEQ      0       /* TRUE/FALSE aren't defined yet. */

        It should be self explanatory from there.


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