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From: Jason Beeland (
Date: 03/21/01

> In any case, there were wars, as I recall, over which
> was better, 128 bitvectors, or bitfields.  Neither.
> Use whatever fits best.  I put out an OLD version of
> Oasis with 128 bitvector support, and a couple bugs.
> If you read the code, the differences for 128
> bitvectors is unnoticeable.  If you use bitfields,
> except for a potential pwipe (if you don't convert your
> pfiles), all the differences can be contained quietly
> in structs.h, and a few macro alterations in utils.h.

If you aren't worried about memory concerns then I think
bitfields are definately the way to go.  However i think
that your assessment of the changes might be a bit
understated.  Correct me if i'm wrong (please), but you
would also have to alter the way mobs/objs/etc were read
in from their world files, as well as change how olc writes
said files, and also change how pfiles are written out (if
you are using ascii pfiles).  And that still doesn't
address the state of the current world files.  They would
have to go through a conversion process.

Again, please correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how it
would seem to me.

Jason Beeland, aka Veritus Silverun
"Infinate loops?  Easy, just always do what this next
sentance says: Reread this sentance."

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