Re: [DGSCRIPTS] wzoneecho - dumb question

From: The Luthers (Dana and Todd) (
Date: 03/21/01

From: "Edward Felch" <dustlos@HOTMAIL.COM>
> its to send a message to a zone, my question is, what int do i pass to it?
> for zone 2 (rooms 200-299), do i send in 2 or 200 or 20?
> I've tried lots of things and it doesn't want to work with me, it sends
> zones to some odd zones sometimes whenever i play with the int passed in

In your script, you use a valid room vnum  for it to echo through

wzoneecho 201 A blinding light shoots across the sky.

Assuming room vnum 201 exists, the message "A blinding light shoots across
the sky" should echo through all the rooms in zone 2.

I didn't double check the code that translates the script entry to the void
boat_to_zone(char *messg, int zone_rnum) function, but I assume that it does
the translation from vnum to zone_rnum when it actually calls the function.

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