Re: 128bitvector

From: Rob Masten (
Date: 03/21/01

> and the way the code comes, and after 4 years, i have still found it easyer
> to simply make another set of bitflags. I currently use about 80 or so flags.
> AND each time I add in a new set, I DO NOT have to do a player wipe,
> why? because you can simply use one of the spares in the player file in
> structs.h

Heh, when I first looked at the bitvector code (3 yrs ago?)... I too decided
to just add extra bitfields, and as I am coding a brand new mud (for myself
this time), I started off with AFF2 AFF3 AFF4 MOB2 etc, added like 15 new long
and int spares even a few extra char spares to the player files right off....
never had a problem :)

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