Saving Mud State Idea

From: Jason Beeland (
Date: 03/23/01

I was thinking about the corpse saving
patch which is available, and the other
guy who works with me on my mud made the
comment that we needed to also save any
looting mobs which we have also.  This
is a good point, but if we are going to
go that far, why not save the state of
the mud as a whole?  Then when you have
a reboot or a copyover, the world comes
back, exactly as it was before.  If a
player had a mob half dead, it is still
half dead.  If they dropped their uber-
precious sword for a second to get some
other item out of their pack to eat, then
they don't lose it...

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has any
thoughts on this issue, and if anyone has
already done any development work on a
similar solution.

Jason Beeland, aka Veritus Silverun
"Just because you're paranoid,
  doesn't mean they AREN'T out to get you!"

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