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From: Deja Augustine (
Date: 03/24/01

In a message dated 3/24/01 3:13:26 PM Central Standard Time, writes:
> Ok.. i got circlemud 3.0 bp17 with olc and there is a file called
> but that file is not in the makefile..
> when i put it in it worked but when i put a command in interp.c that is in
> that file it doesnt work. Can anyone tell me what this file does and also
> how i could get it working.

You need to make sure that you use the ACMD() macro to prototype the function
in interpreter.c for example:

If you want to add the ability to create a painting through the 'paint'
command you add the entry to the master command list:
 { "paint", ........., do_paint, ...... },

Then you need to make sure that at the top of both interpreter.c and the file
where you're declaring this function to exist have this line:

and when you go to write the function itself to handle it you'd do:

If you are curious what the ACMD() macro does, I do believe that it is
defined near the top of interpreter.h

> P.S.. is the file able to creat mobs and rooms and stuff from scratch. if
> not is there any way i can make obj's, room's and mob's online

The version of OasisOLC 2.0 that I have will let you create them from scratch.


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