innate spell/unaffect

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 03/26/01

I have in some innate spells which have a duration of -1, however theres a
problem I just noticed in using unaffect, the while loop is called so long
as the victim has affections and I've made it so if the current affect
is -1, it skips it but the loop will keep continuing infinitly..

    if (victim->affected) {
      aff = victim->affected;
      while(victim->affected) {
          if ( aff->duration > -1 )
             affect_remove(victim, aff);
 send_to_char("There is a brief flash of light centered on you!\r\n",
 send_to_char("You negated all of their spells!\r\n", ch);


Can anyone help me out here? Thanks

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