Portals or Magic Gates or whatever

From: Leonardo Herrera (leonardo.herrera@mercantil.com)
Date: 03/27/01


I was totally unconnected of CircleMUD coding since bpl 11 (but
still subscribed to this list, so no that unconnected). So I wanted
to start coding again, and finally I got some spare time and I have
finished a basic 'portal' system.

Now I'm sending this to the list because I need some opinions about
the rules of this system, and how this should work.

Basically, a portal is a magic gate between two places, and is a two way
passage. To create a portal, the caster must target a character (PC or
NPC), then two exits are created between the caster and target location.

Some rules that I have applied:

  - A portal cannot be casted if the victim (target) have NOSUMMON on
  - A portal can be used only by players with similar level than the
    caster. If a inferior level character tries to use it, will be
    "rejected" and will take some damage (think "energy blast" or
  - A portal can be dispeled (cast 'dispel portal')
  - There can be only one portal per room (portal "blocks" each other)
  - If somebody tries to enter a portal with no exit (ie, the exit
    was "dispeled") will be rejected and the portal destroyed.
  - A portal only can last for a few rounds (based on the level of the

Some rules than may be nice:

  - A player can "protect" his/her portal using a protection rune
    (a spell). If a portal is "protected", only the caster or
    grouped chars can use it, and will be harder to dispel.
  - A portal remains open until someone dispels it, but will drain
    mana every round
  - "pushing" players to portals (not nice! :-))

(Technically, I'm creating a new type of object (ITEM_PORTAL), very
similar to corpses (with a timer, etc), and placing one in each exit. I
store the values of the FROM and TO rooms in the OBJ_VAL fields.)

Any comment would be appreciated. Please forgive if I'm being
incoherent, I typed this between several phone calls.

Leonardo Herrera

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