From: Marc Lank (
Date: 03/27/01

Is it possible to get copyover working in windows? I keep getting these
<From syslog>
Mar 27 21:48:16 :: Copyover recovery initiated
SYSERR: Write to socket: Permission denied
SYSERR: Write to socket: Bad file descriptor
Mar 27 21:48:16 :: Entering game loop.
Mar 27 21:48:16 :: No connections.  Going to sleep.
SYSERR: Select coma: Bad file descriptor
SYSERR: Select poll: Bad file descriptor
Mar 27 21:48:17 :: Closing all sockets.
Mar 27 21:48:17 :: Normal termination of game.

It will then reboot the mud. A player will start in the room they were 
in last so the copyover.dat file seems to be working fine. It just wont
hold the connection open and then closes the mud down.

Using the latest copyover patch for binary pfile and circle bpl17
running on win2k.

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