Re: [Another Stupid Question] Tell Mob?

From: SeaShaman T. Delphin (
Date: 03/30/01

> 'tell' to a mob lets players figure out when a mob respawns.
   Yeah I used to play on a Circle bpl12 I believe
named Quarentine where they had actualy removed the
tell restriction.  I was thinking of something similar
for a practical skill useage for a telepath perhaps
telepath or psychic skill..

   And before you say it I realise how imbalancing it
is to be able to find out when a repop occurs but if
everything goes well it would be added incentive to
use this Class or race that has this ability but has
other negs.

  SirWhiteDragon - Balance isn't everyth.. uh Okay
where's my heart, liver, lungs and for that matter

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