Re: InterMUD

From: Chris Maniar (
Date: 03/31/01

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Tony Robbins wrote:

> Anyway, does anybody know which backbones/inter-mud communication systems
> are actually still online?  It might be good to know (and it might be good,
> once we know, to move all the old stuff that doesn't work anymore, to
> /pub/CircleMUD/contrib/imc/OLD).

Still using Intermud 1.0 by Stryker@Tempus. There's about 5 muds on the
network, so its not all that popular, probably due to its age. Undoubtly,
the IMC specification is in many ways better, but I didn't like the way
it's access control works - muds have to be specifically added to the
'allowed' list. So its not really a very open network.

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