Re: [LONG] Checkers mini game (part 1)

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/01/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> Okay, I'm gonna break down and go to the list with this problem.
> I sure hope some of you can help me with this.
> I am basing a mini game of checkers on PJD's chess patch and have
> run into a few small problems.
> I'm going to paste some of the code in here, so those of you that
> aren't interested/inclined to read it may delete this message now.

Ack!  Two whole posts full of code!  I already told you that basing a
checkers game on a chess game will make it _way_ overbloated.  Anyways,
I'll give you some ideas and pseudocoe to go on here on hwo I would do

First off, you have a checkers board which can be a special object type
(the checkers are assumed to be with the board at all times which makes
it easier than to try to keep track of all those pieces as separate
objects).  Since an object type can have four values let's first use
those up...


This post came out too long for the list.  Anyone who wants to see it
email me and I'll send it to you.

Regards, Peter

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