From: Shane P. Lee (tacodog21@yahoo.com)
Date: 04/02/01

First, I would like to thank Peter for his reply to my checkers
mini game problem. PJD also contacted me off-list with some helpful
code, between the two of you, I have more than enough to get me
started, thanks :-)

In case many of you haven't been to www.chaco.com lately, here's a
little update on what's been going on. Apparently they "merged" with
Andromedia, which in turn merged with Macromedia.
They released their infamous MUD client through GPL and are allowing
non-commercial development (be sure to read the license and GPL).
The source-code is in C++, but I've looked it over and 'think' it could
easily be changed to work with MAC and UNIX by a good programmer or two.
I'm not gonna try to sell any of you on Pueblo, but I think it was a
great idea that just didn't have enough support. It supported HTML code
(partially) and allowed graphics to be displayed. I've been to a few
M*s that supported Pueblo and it was almost impressive.
I started messing with it some yesterday on my CircleMUD, using echo and
editing some room descriptions. Even had some "limited" success with it.

Those of you out there looking to add graphics to your MUD, but have
limited coding skills should really consider taking a look at this.
I'm sure that there are more effecient ways to make a graphical MUD, but
CircleMUD could easily be changed to support Pueblo. And Pueblo itself
should be fairly easy to manipulate to support some of the latest in
HTML code.


p.s. Umm, I was really enjoying the debate on 'strok'. It beats the ****
out of listening to a prof for hours on end, and I was actually learning
something. Don't stop on my behalf.

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