[CODE] [NEWBIE] A few questions on some code

From: Mark Jeter (mjeter@earthlink.net)
Date: 04/04/01

Hi, I'm new to the mailing list and this is my first question. I have a lot
of projects in mind that I know some will be difficult to do, I've mostly
done almost all the changes that won't be too difficult. I'm going to list two
projects I might need help on, here they are.
1) I intend to make it so players have short descriptions (ie. the
blue-haired, green-eyed man).
I've seen it done before, and I like the idea of player's not seeing others
as a name. I've tried to code this before and I had definite problems. I
figured I would use one of the spares in the player_specials_saved struct
but then have it copied into a player_data struct upon a character's entrance
in the game, but it doesn't seem to work.

2) I'm trying to have a command that can target another player OR mob and
basically lock it into memory for that player. Then later on when someone
tries to shoot they will automatically aim for their target.  This of course
will allow for other skills to be used in conjunction with targetting.
My big problem is I do not know if every creature has their own separate id
number for the game to check when using these skills, and I was wondering if
any knew if there was?

Any help on these two would be appreciated, thanks.

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