Re: [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] How do I get OLC to work?

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 04/04/01

> Okay I got Circle30bpl18 downloaded and running. The problem is the OLC
> isn't working in this version either. How do I get OLC to work? Also if I

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> have to patch OasisOLCv2.0bpl17 how do I patch it to circlemud?


> One other
> thing. How do I patch files. If I need a utility to patch files to the MUD
> where can I get one?

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> Is their a new version of OasisOLC instead of the
> OasisOLCv2.0bpl17.patch? If their is, can I have the website
> address to get it.

Not unless it's on the FTP site.

> How do I add color too?

WTFAQ.  FTP site.

In closing, please use your resources before everybody elses.  FAQ.


The major line(s) that keeps MUDs from going graphical is a: a MUD is a
text-venue, with some exceptions, MUDs are not a graphical resource and b:
it takes a LOT of extra work/help/developers to make a graphical MUD.

So, IMHO, the next evolution of MUDs will not be in the direction of
graphics, as that's a complete change of venue.  So what do we do to make
MUDs better on the INSIDE (i.e., code)?

It's a curious point, and I'm curious to how it turns out.  And, yes,
similar questions have come before, but it's a new era, so, looking at where
we are at now, where can/should we go?


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