Re: [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] How do I get OLC to work?

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/04/01

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Tony Robbins wrote:

>So, IMHO, the next evolution of MUDs will not be in the direction of
>graphics, as that's a complete change of venue.  So what do we do to make
>MUDs better on the INSIDE (i.e., code)?

Polygonal real-time world.  Or at least, that's my plan.

>It's a curious point, and I'm curious to how it turns out.  And, yes,
>similar questions have come before, but it's a new era, so, looking at
>where we are at now, where can/should we go?

My plan is for a text game in a graphical world...but that's all it is
right now, a plan.  No more bashing 'nwwsssnnnnwwwwwwseeeessss', you
actually start walking there as if you were going down the sidewalk
outside.  Needless to say, that'll take quite a few years if it ever gets
done. In the meantime, finishing up CircleMUD 3.

George Greer

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