Re: three part question about summoning spells

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/05/01

> part1:
> I have a spell called whirlwind summon, which ummons a whirlwind with size
> and stats dependant upon level, and the spell works fine!
> The trouble is that I have no limiter for the amount of times this can be
> cast, other then mana. Is there something i can add to magic.c in the
> summoning spells section, which counts the number of followers a player has
> and fails the spell if they have too many, this would idealy be be
> incremently based on the casters level and maybe a random element.

        Just count the number of followers.  I usually end up making it
based partial also on charisma, but *shrugs* up to you.

        Actually that's not very helpful, is it.  I mean, if you knew how
to count the followers already, you wouldn't have asked 'how to count
followers'.  Look at the 'group' command.  Notice how it loops through the
follower structures?  Just alter that code to include a count.

> part3:
> Summoned creatures do not appear to have a timer attached to them, which I
> think is very important as I want summoned creatures to disappear after a
> period of time based on casters level and int etc.
> Whats the best way to go about adding a countdown timer to summoned npc's
> and then remove them when the timer reaches 0.

        Go ahead and add another stat to the creature, or create a list to
be dequeued, and decrement it via the heartbeat function.  When it's up,
extract the creature.  Sounds like you already know what you want to do,
just go ahead and put it in.  This one is a bit tricky though, depending
on how and where you extract the mob.

        You may also want to try an easier method; simply attach a
spec_proc to these creatures, which is not command based, that checks if
the mob is set with the CHARMed bit.  If not, then have them dissolve.
Of course, set the charm bit when the creature is created.

        A word of warning, you'll run into problems in mobile activity
causing a crash if you loop though the whole list of mobs and randomly
extract some!  So, buyer beware.


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