Re: Chat Channel question

From: Megan Sullivan (
Date: 04/05/01

Sorry, yeah I mean ooc channel, I am a bit braindead today

Okay, here's what I did

First I created do_cus_comm which is almost identical to do_gen_comm for the
purpose of creating many additional chat channels with a different look in
the future.

I also created a do_cus_tog section which is basically the same as do_gen_tog

however I don't think any of this is the problem because when I created an IC
channel, under do_gen_comm I had the same problem.

When I first created the ooc channel, it did disable properly, but now it
doesn't.  I went back through the code after it finally compiled properly, to
fix some other problems I was having with it.

My main problem is I need to know which file the problem is most likely in,
then I can fix it.  I was thinking it's either in act.comm.c or act.other.c

Unless it's a bitvector problem.  That's where I currently stand with it,
thanks for your time

I hope that helps a little more =)

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