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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/06/01

> If anyone uses this system in the way you suggest, they're none too
> bright.  Come on, Patrick, you're a smart guy... you can see that there's
> no good reason to use this system in the way you're suggesting.  It's
> ineffective at filtering out the ones you don't want and can be effective
> at filtering out the ones you do want.

        Actually, I'll be the first to admit that I'm going off on what may
seem to be an improbable tangent on these.  I do fully agree that a closed
character creation system IS the best system for a FRP-type mud, and
further that many of the suggestions I made are simply ridiculous.

Doing what I said to do - in light of the alternatives - is not just
stupid, but insane.

        However, that doesn't stop many people from doing it.

        I can't count how many times I've logged into a mud, and been
required to have my name validated before I can actually log into a menu.
Or how about being unable to speak the language of everyone else (and
having all emote & emote-like commands monitored or removed so you will
not circumvent the language system).  How about having no global channels,
and having to have your friend force-feed you commands via icq - just to
meet him outside of the newbie area - because you can't 'tell', you also
don't know which one he is; no character names, etc.

        I wouldn't have wasted my time on these systems if someone would
have just put up a damn big sign and told me what I was getting into
first.  Or made me pass a test - which I could fail by simply not taking

        Likewise, I've been on several muds where the admin decides to
change the existing spirit of the mud from a stat & accounting based
system, to a _forced_ and enforced roleplay system.  There is, in my mind,
no truer way to destroy your mud.  All your current players leave (bar one
or two brown-nosers), and you're back at a 'new mud' state, but with a
horrible reputation.

        So, maybe I was singling those types of muds out, and it's not
very applicable to anyone else.  I have a decent bit of experience being
in those sorts of muds, both as a player and admin.

        Still, what DAK said is true; I was simply playing devil's
advocate, and deliberately overlooking more sensible courses of action.
Gosh, it'd be nice if people were always sensible.

        My _REAL_ advice to anyone is to realize that it is a game, and
the first priority should not be enforced roleplaying, or player selection
methods, or any of that.

        It should be entertainment.  I would only run or code on a mud as
long as it is entertaining to _me_.  Likewise, I would only play a mud
which was entertaining to _me_.  Your view of entertainment may vary; but
when you measure up any changes against that idea, many come out flat.

        My request then, is that you explain in no uncertain terms, what
YOUR type of entertainment means, and save - me  at the least - the
trouble.  As it is, I go out of my way to avoid any mud that tags itself
as 'Heavy RP-based', because it might be okay, but then again, it just
might be an FRP paradise.


P.S. anyone who does want to know what my personal playing style is like,
I've transcribed (long ago) an article from dragon magazine, in a poorly
formatted text document, which can be read at  (I would paste it
into a program with auto-wordwrap like wordpad or MSword if I were you).

        I believe the title was 'The vicarious participator'.

        I'd format it more nicely, but frankly it already seems too much
like an unauthorized reproduction to me.  If I could explain the concepts
therein in such fluid (original) language I would, but I'd probably fail
on some minor hanging point.

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