Re: Pueblo announcement

From: Mysidia (
Date: 04/11/01

> that Shane was simply a bit confused in that area.  Anyways, the problem
> is that the html server he's using uses name-based virtual aliases which
> is not supported under HTML 1.0[1].  Note that I have not verified that

Wouldn't that be HTTP 1.0, _not_ HTML 1.0 ?

HTML 1.0, which is just a markup language for writing documents in,
anything related to retrieving them, sending them, etc occurs through the
HTTP protocol which is really something different -- A HTML embedded link
simply tells the client 'where to go for a document', it doesn't tell them
how to get there or how to ask for the document (network connection, local
file, dns lookups, etc) -- it has to rely on a mechanism that supports
the HTTP protocol..

Name-based virtual domains are definitely supported under HTTP / 1.1;
I don't know about HTTP/1.0


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