Re: [SYSTEM-Netware] NLM?

From: Scott (
Date: 04/11/01

George Greer wrote:
>I'm doing an unrelated Novell Netware project so I could technically take
>the source code and (try to) port it to Netware.  The only question

Well I do not know Linux, do not care for Windows a whole lot, and I love
Netware.  I am a CNA and deal with Novell software quite a bit.  Those bits
of information and the fact that I am running a Netware server and I really
like the Circlemud codebase and the people developing it are the reason I
was curious about a Netware port.  I thought it would be something fun to
play with.

>Most of the Novell servers at Miami University fall over at the drop of
>the hat.

Hmm, doesn't seem very common for a properly run Netware server.  Maybe just
my own experience with Netware though.

>Given most MUD stability during testing you'd have to reboot the server
>quite a bit.  I even manage to kill servers using the protected memory

Yes that is true and would suck to do, but might be worth it.

Let me know, er the list know if you do try any port to Netware.  I am
probably the only insane person here that is interested in this but oh
well.(probably not worth your time George since your time could be better
spent on something else)


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