Re: ftp site (was: [Question] Starting over)

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/14/01

On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, Alex wrote:

>> > Bleh, I'm having difficulting locating Del's patched version of circle, I
>> As a side note for this one... how about adding a filelisting
>> in the /pub directory on the ftp site ?
>That's a possibility.  The reworking was done with the new version of
>Ceramic Mouse in mind, but George was hoping to have that done more

I have the guts done since 3/18, see  The problem is
it's not yet pretty enough to replace it.  Also, the main new important
feature (new FTP incoming) isn't done.

>Also, if people don't spend the time to look over the '00Index' files
>found in _every_ directory under contrib/, what chance is there that
>anyone will bother reading an 'ls-lR' file listing?

Probably not much since it doesn't have 00Index stuff. I could make a
'00Index-everything' that acted sort of like it.

Since there was already an 'ls-lR' file in /pub/CircleMUD/, I updated it.

George Greer

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