Re: [CODE][NEWBIE??] Problem with IS_NPC(ch) (LONG)

From: Rich M Carpenter (
Date: 04/16/01

Thank you Peter for the informative and possibly useful reply.
Strangely enough, i didnt need to do any of what you suggested.
In order to get the mud to boot, I had removed the offending mob's
zones from the zone index.  The mud booted fine.  When i recieved the
response, I put them all back so as to cause the error and try to track
down.  The mud booted with no problem!
The only thing I had done during this time was delete the pfile in order
fix another bug I had come across. (Yes I am still using binary pfiles:)
While I don't understand the how or why, I am assuming that this fixed my
problem, because the mud is now running fine.
Thanks for the help,
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