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From: Mark Setzer (mark@setz.org)
Date: 04/17/01

Hello, all,

I decided to mess around with circle 3.0bpl17 a while back and have poked
and prodded at the source enough to add modifications to my liking. I
particularly liked the help editor patch, and though it was meant to be
applied over Oasis 1.6 (i believe), i patched it by hand into bpl17 with
oasis 2.0 (not sure of the exact version) on my linux server.

The majority of the errors I've seen were easily fixed, or small integration
errors as some of the structs and arrays had changed slightly in Oasis 2.x,
but the actual editor file (hedit.c) refuses to compile. I get compiler
messages like:

hedit.c: In function `hedit_setup_new':
hedit.c:63: structure has no member named `help'
hedit.c:65: structure has no member named `help'
hedit.c:66: structure has no member named `help'

but then, examining the function:

void hedit_setup_new(struct descriptor_data *d, char *new_key)
  CREATE(OLC_HELP(d), struct help_index_element, 1);

  OLC_HELP(d)->keywords = str_dup(new_key);
  OLC_HELP(d)->entry = str_dup("This is an unfinished help entry.\r\n");
  OLC_VAL(d) = 0;

and the struct help_index_element:

struct help_index_element {
   char *keywords;
   char *entry;
   int min_level;

I got annoyed, so I added a line:
   char *help;

...to the prototype for the struct but the same error messages resulted.

Now, I have a basic understanding of circle's procedures from other
modifications I've done and the basic layout is really intuitive. But maybe
my code experience is the roadblock here, because I can't figure out why I'm
getting compiler messages like that (and for virtually every other function
defined in hedit.c).

Sorry if this is an obvious newbie mistake, I just never consulted the
developers before and I was hoping someone would be or would have been in
the same situation and could offer some insight.


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