[Long] Pueblo vs. ZMud

From: Jeremy Overbay (jeremy@tileandbath.com)
Date: 04/17/01

I am of a mind to add optional graphics, sound, and some clickable elements
to circlemud. I am planning to keep compatibility with plain ol telnet of
course. I have allready begun adding support for Pueblo and it's going
well...but now I am wondering if maybe I should work on zmud instead or in
addition. I know there are people out there using one or the other of these
clients. Opinions or comments on the merits of either are appreciated.

Shane P. Lee has helped me in getting clickable exits, toggleable
PRF_PUEBLO flags, and an html greeting screen added to the mix. I have
added ordinal directions, multiple greeting screens, and cleaned up the
toggle info a bit.(pretty minor stuff really)

todo list for enhancements:

void look_at_room in act.informative.c as a possible place to put a
toggleable graphic for room descriptions, this will likely involve a change
to the wld files(not sure if I am up to that challenge just yet). something

if (!IS_NPC(ch) && PRF_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_PUEBLO)) {
     send_to_char(world[ch->in_room].pic, ch);

adding toggleable player pics in void look_at_char in act.informative.c
(this one should be pretty easy) the tough part is deciding how players
will get their pics in here. prolly along the same lines as entering
descriptions or titles...new command for saving the url of the pic to the

maybe some pics for objects too.

toggleable background tunes for areas. this could be a big headache
defining when and where it cuts on and off. and prolly whatever else come
to mind as I go along.




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