Re: [Circle][question][compiling] compiling in Cygwin 20.1 beta

From: Axiem j'Terre (
Date: 04/18/01

I seem to recall having answered this question in the past.

Have you tried searching the archives? How about doing something for

I'm one of the people that had to get Circlemud working without any
Cygwin instructions. And I will admit I had problems (mostly because
Cygwin wasn't working correctly, but I'll avoid that...), however, I
didn't have that much trouble.

In the several times since that I've tried starting a MUD again, I've
had almost no troubles.

It isn't a hard thing to do...just use your mind a little bit.

Hint: try following the directions for other versions of
circlemud/cygwin. That might be a good starting point.


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