Re: [NEWBIE] [CODE] Help making PC no say

From: Leonardo Herrera (
Date: 04/18/01

Dave Willard wrote:
> My mud people wanted me to imp a deviant flag for abusive players.
> I put the flag in and it works for do_gen_comm routine later to
> block gossip and shout. I added the lines that start with >
> to my code and still people with deviant flags dont get a message
> and they can still say. This is my first post so please dont flame
> me too bad as Im new to circle and to C. (I do know VB, Basic, and
> some C.) I know the same code is added 2 times...just different
> spots to see if it worked there.
> ACMD(do_say)
[..code snipped..]

First: Wrap your messages at 70-72 chars.
Second: You don't need the second check.
Third: Make sure you added the necessary code to do_set functionality.

Leonardo Herrera

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