Re: Help with formula for consider command

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/21/01

Karl Buchner wrote:
> MIN(95, MAX((19 - (thac0 - ac)) *5), 5)

Won't compile or work (hint, look at the parenthesis).

If you really want a true comparison of who's more likely to win you have
to take several (lots of) things into account.  The attacker's thac0 and
the victim's ac only account for the chances of landing one hit.  To
properly figure the chances of one battle you have to take the result of
that, multiply by the average damage inflicted by the one player, and
divide that into the victim's HP.  Note that hitroll is (if memory serves
me correctly) simply the opposite of thac0.  You can get thac0 with (20 -
hitroll) and hitroll with (20 - thac0) (for some odd reason the
originators of Oasis decided to use hitroll in thier menu instead of
thac0 and hence all this confusion was born).

You must then calculate all this mess for the opponent and compare the
two, converting the result into a range between 0 and 100.  That should
give you a fairly accurate result.  To really know for sure how it all
gets figured out you will have to dredge yourself into the source.  Look
at do_hit and just figure it out.  I know it's a mess which is exactly
why I'm not gonna dredge through there for you.

Regards, Peter

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