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From: Del (
Date: 04/21/01

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> Karl Buchner wrote:
> >
> > MIN(95, MAX((19 - (thac0 - ac)) *5), 5)
> Won't compile or work (hint, look at the parenthesis).

I don't think he meant for me to stick that in and try it as is.
He probably typed it by hand and was showing it as an example. I am sure
anyone who put that in would get a parse error and soon realize that it will
not work as is. Let alone the variables would have to be changed.

> If you really want a true comparison of who's more likely to win you have
> to take several (lots of) things into account.  The attacker's thac0 and
> the victim's ac only account for the chances of landing one hit.  To
> properly figure the chances of one battle you have to take the result of
> that, multiply by the average damage inflicted by the one player, and
> divide that into the victim's HP.  Note that hitroll is (if memory serves
> me correctly) simply the opposite of thac0.  You can get thac0 with (20 -
> hitroll) and hitroll with (20 - thac0) (for some odd reason the
> originators of Oasis decided to use hitroll in thier menu instead of
> thac0 and hence all this confusion was born).
> You must then calculate all this mess for the opponent and compare the
> two, converting the result into a range between 0 and 100.  That should
> give you a fairly accurate result.  To really know for sure how it all
> gets figured out you will have to dredge yourself into the source.  Look
> at do_hit and just figure it out.  I know it's a mess which is exactly
> why I'm not gonna dredge through there for you.

Converting the result into a range was the problem, I tried using 0 - 100,
1-20, and a few others. However I made a formula, it would either be good
for low levels or good for high levels, but not both. His formula did however
give me a different approach and will be testing that out.

When I sent the original mail out I accidentally put in '??' after the last
sentence. It was not meant as a question, but rather a statement. I already
have all the values calculated (with most of the hit function modified).
I didn't expect anyone to tell me or suggest a way to calculate all that.
My problem was converting that one part to a percentage.

But, thanks for the reply.

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