[code] oasis and action editor w/bpl17

From: Mark Setzer (mark@setz.org)
Date: 04/22/01

Me again!

Sorry, I keep getting all these stupid newbie problems compiling stuff for
my mud. I recently downloaded and patched by hand the updated action editor
(bpl16+), but now, whenever I try to use OasisOLC for any of its functions
(and i've got assemblies, DG triggers, helpfiles and action editors alike
being passed through do_oasis) I get the following message:

[*] SYSERR: do_oasis: Player already had olc structure. [*]

The relevant lines are:

  d = ch->desc;

   * Give descriptor an OLC structure.
  if (d->olc) {
    mudlog("SYSERR: do_oasis: Player already had olc structure.", BRF,
            LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
  CREATE(d->olc, struct oasis_olc_data, 1);

Any help appreciated.


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