Re: [Question] Zone expansion

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/26/01

> I would be interested in knowing what is necessary to change if I decide
> to have not 100, but 1000 rooms in zone.
>                 -Andrej

        For the _most_ part it works.  Buyer beware though, just about
every non-offical patch has zones by 100 rooms harcoded into it.  My
solution was to save the rooms in a big b-tree, and load them via
zone-room keys (a tree per zone, so, just a big heap of numbered data
items).  So, instead of having room 3000, i'd have zone 30, room 0.
Granted, you had to change some of the other commands, and how things
save.... but pretty much it's all the same.

        I can't release it though, having replaced my crummy version of
APL trees replaced with a slightly more well thought out version in a
library.  A GPL'ed library.  sorry :(

        Perhaps I'll make my version stop crashing randomly, and then put
that back in, just for grins.


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