Re: [Question] Zone expansion

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/27/01

> > > I would be interested in knowing what is necessary to change if I decide
> > > to have not 100, but 1000 rooms in zone.
> >
> >         For the _most_ part it works.  Buyer beware though, just about
> > every non-offical patch has zones by 100 rooms harcoded into it.
> Yes, that's nice, but did not answer my humble question, _what_ is
> necessary to change. Let me restate my question: What errors could I
> possibly run into by changing zones to hold 1000 rooms (olc, memory, or
> so)?

        In short, every piece of code you added to your stock system needs
to be reviewed.  Just a quick perusal of stock circle with Oasis 2
included shows;

        castle.c: assigns room/obj/mob specs = obj# + zone # * 100
        genmob/obj/zon/shp/wld: all assume that a zone starts on a
multiple of 100 (shouldn't have much problem with this, if it's just 1000)
        zedit.c: has a section where it makes the default new zone size
100 rooms, and limits you to a max room number of 3200

        I may have missed one or two other things, but really, not too
much that's a problem in stock.

        However, if we go and look at other patches, like dig or the sort,
we quickly see that all zones are expected to be always and ONLY 100 units

        So, you'll have to go through the code.


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