From: Dust (
Date: 06/02/01

Well I have heard of an "unlimited" level system, but yes you are limited by
some things, like exp which you will probably have as a long, and the level
itself, I'm sure you could do some weird system where at every level, your
EXP resets to 0. In order to have gods, you might make special player flags
which is funny but I suppose it would work, PLR_IMPL ... To reflect this
change, in interpreter you would have to change the minimum level to use
"god" commands to certain flags maybe (or add a new field to the command
interpreter) and change lower on where it checks the person's level against
the level it wants in the command list. In class.c you would need to change
level_exp to something else, like I said, if you have EXP reset to 0 every
level it might be better, also you would need to devise a good system of
mobiles/exp gaining so this works well, I have seen some really high EXP to
level and at some point you may pass the 2 billion boundary if you don't
reset exp to 0.... It would take a fair amount of work.

If you want to do this and need some help I'll do what I can (*is trying not
to spam the list*), or

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