Re: Accents fo Mud

From: George Greer (
Date: 06/04/01

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Eduardo Bertin wrote:

>Peter, I did not obtain to understand as to place accents in mud still...
>unhappyly I did not obtain to understand, I entered in the page and alone
>it had a descrisão of DUNNO... What that it is this? it could specify...
>Ah. that it will be able to still help me... I am needing to place
>accents in mud.. Tks..

Assuming your isascii() macro from your C library is sufficiently
internationalized, you shouldn't have to change anything but the messages
in the MUD itself.  The problem becomes that clients may have a different
idea of what the character constitutes in their particular character set.
(Character value to screen representation mapping.) I'm not sure I have a
good solution for that, unless you stick to something relatively standard
like UTF-8 (see Unicode).

>sorry, I dont speak english and TRANSLATOR  -> Altavista :)

I read (not write) Spanish, sort of, but not Portuguese.  In a pinch I have
a friend fluent in Spanish (with a little touch of German, Italian, and
French) and another friend very good at French.

George Greer

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