Re: [CODE] More fun!

From: Alex (
Date: 06/04/01

> That first number looks correct for flags 4, 22 and 32.  That's assuming
> you mean: (1 << 3), (1 << 21) and (1 << 31).  Since a long is a 32-bit
> number (I can't think of any platforms where it's not at least that size),
> I doubt the problem is with the storage size.  What flags end up being set
> after the reboot?

Indeed- after reboot only the #4 flag is set, which happens to be MOB_ISNPC

ie. #define MOB_ISNPC   (3)          ..from structs.h

which, in the note beside it, says it automatically set for all mobs.

my assumption is that, since it's negative, asciiflag_conv is choking on the
'-' sign and returning 0 so that only 4 is set, which was not read from the
file. Of course this is a total guess.. :P

However (I wasn't aware of any limit on mobflags, heh heh) I have 56
defined, and this is the first problem I have had (noticed).

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