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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/04/01

Mike Breuer wrote:
> The binary representation doesn't change, but the values in the mob file do
> (for example).  In the previous example, -2145386488 becomes 2149580808 as an
> unsigned number.  This causes two problems:
> 1. negative numbers in the mob file would have to be converted to their
> unsigned equivalent, or the files will break (not a problem in the stock code,
> but a problem for people already hitting this limitation).

I would recommend that if you're already hitting this limitation you
either just leave it as-is, run a conversion, or you test the first
character, if it is '-' then you use atol() otherwise you use strtoul().

> 2. Since numbers like 2149580808 are out of range for a signed long, the
> behavior of atol (called when parsing values out of the file) is undefined.

You can use strtol() instead since it has defined behavior in an
out-of-range situation:

If the equivalent value is too large to represent as type long, strtol
stores the value of ERANGE in errno and returns either LONG_MAX, if x is
positive, or LONG_MIN, if x is negative.

>  I
> don't know of an unsigned equivalent to atol.

atol(s) becomes strtoul(s, NULL, 10)

I'm not sure of this so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that
it would be undefined to do something like use strtoll() (on a C99
compiler) and cast the result to an unsigned long if the result is out of
range for an unsigned long so you should probably avoid that solution.

Regards, Peter

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