Re: [Circle] [Code] not for beginners..

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/08/01

> hmm. interesting....
> i'll check it out when it's available on the ftp....
> in the mean time, was it you Patrick that said something last end of year,
> about some gui olc building program?
> and if YES, what ever happened to that?

        Heh. Intersting that you should mention that - my girlfriend just
asked when I was going to put out a new version of that with aedit/hedit
stuff.  I said 'uh.. oh yeah.. I forgot!'.

        But it's still around, there should be a copy - somewhere - on the
ftp site as, most likely.  The most uptodate copy can be
found at, which is version 0.3, and was
'new' on 1/4/01.

        There are a few bugs - notably one with zedit, and a few others
that helpful individuals have pointed out (and exist as a tribute by being
some of the 15 semi-permanant messages in my otherwise-cleared-daily
email inbox).

        These should have been fixed, but between move and massive work
and me being lazy and reprioritizing it, and vet appointments, and good
beer, and river tubing, and friends graduations or marriages, .......
well... you get the idea.

        I'll try.  But, the source is out there.  Nothing to stop you guys
from trying too ;)


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