[Newbie] Question about Puff

From: SeaShaman T. Delphin (seashaman@yahoo.com)
Date: 06/09/01

   I've been looking around the archives in reguards
to any and all information concerning Puff the Fractal
Dragon's specs. Yes I do realise a little of how it's
done in reguards to assigning specific functions to a
mobile's VNUM so that the Mobile performs specific
actions or speaks at different intervals...  Only
problem I have is what are all the files that you must
edit to create a clone of Puff, or even the Mayor?
  I might be answering my own Question by stating
spec_assign.c and spec_procs.c   but are there any
other files I've missed?  Any help would be
appreciated.. and if I missed a resource somewere that
explains this fully, please be sure to point me out to
     Sokora, Maiden of Unjust punishment and
AKA SirWhiteDragon.

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