[CODE] Stuck with recieving data from descriptor....

From: Pure Krome (spam@world-domination.com.au)
Date: 06/14/01

Hi folks.

    I'm trying to recieve some data, from the stock mud code, into my home
made mud client.

    So far, no probs.... Recieve text -> print text.

    Then, i've made the stock mud code send a huge chuck of XML data to my

    My client recieved the XML data without a problem, BUT becuase of the
size of xml data, it is split over 2, 3 and current 4 packets. When more
people are on the game, then of course the data is also longer.

    ANYWAYS, that is my problem. I'm not sure even where to start to solve
this problem. I have some ideas what i need to do, but not sure how to do

I need to know if a some text sent from the game to my client is PART of a
number of packets. Ie. i suppose i need to apply packet numbering at the
start of each packet sent?

Some SOLUTIONS I thought up..

This means this is packet number ONE of ONE packet.

this is packet 2 of 5.

I thought i might require this lame and simple packet number system because
i need to have a static variable that *builds* the input string.

why? becuase i cannot then parse my XML data properly. How can i parse /
manipulate the XML data when it is split up into various packets?

PS. I do NOT want to alter the size of each packet.

Anyways, i hope this thread is answered by someone out there :)

Sincerly : Jussy

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