Re: [CODE] Callback functions (update - Ver 2)

From: DOOMer 2k (
Date: 06/15/01

>On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, DOOMer 2k wrote:
>>It currently doesn't require my Ispell command (for adding words to
>>the dictionary) because it uses a system() call and parses a file,
>Why use system() over popen()?  Pipes exist to permit this type of
>functionality, after all.

  Well, Dak, the actual reason I chose to use system() over popen()
was because I have never heard of popen() until now.  Besides, I
am much more successful at using system() calls for stuff than anything
else.  I could probably do a "man popen" to find any information I'm
looking for, but I'm already beginning to work on using the actual
PID I have for ispell (Using Erwin S. Andreasen's original code for
Merc 2.2 [i think] and my rewrite of it to be compatiable with bpl15)
to get the Spell Checker to work.
  I've looked at the code (it's been 3 years since I ran a mud, I just
restarted about a month ago) and I understand how it works.  At this
point, someone is asking me for a system() call version (my current
version) and I'll have to break it down for him.  I'll post it sometime
this week (I hope).  Anyway, that's about it for me.

ObCircle: (Don't know If i need this or not)
  How useful is a Spell Checker for Muds?  Anyone have any ideas?
Oh wait, here's an ObCircle-- How many bpl's before we get to 3.1/4.0?

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