Re: [Newbie] How do I add races and hometowns?

From: Chandra Sharma (
Date: 06/15/01

> Thanks for those that helped with the door code. The only 2 last problems
> have is adding in races and hometowns. Is their a website thats up to date
> on adding races and hometowns? Cermaic needs some updating. When I tried
> on circle30bpl17 with the race code from Ceramic Mouse, it went horrible.
> Any input is welcome. Have a fun summer also!
> -Hero

Ceramic Mouse ( has a posted snippet on
adding home towns which you can find using the search function - I
implemented it into my BPL17 mud and it works fine. The only part it doesn't
explain is how to add the hometown selection menu, but that's relatively
simple - I managed to figure that out myself (this is one of the first
things I did when I started mud coding), but if you can't figure it out on
your own, searching the mailing list archives should yield enough help..

The race systems on the site/ftp work fine as well. They may be a bit old,
but manually patching them usually works fine. If you do run into errors,
they're usually simple.

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