From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/16/01

Eduardo Bertin wrote:
> Hellow ...
> I thank you for being helping, and ask for me plus an aid you..
> I wanted to make a system similar to the WIS or DEX or STR system, where it marked the points. and could go magnifying in players..

First off, please set your email client to word wrap at less than 80
characters.  Then please read the CircleMUD mailing list FAQ before
posting again to make ceartain you do not violate any more list rules
(there's a link to the FAQ at the end of this and every message posted to
the mailing list).

As for your question, it is very broad in scope and does not show an
effort on your part to accomplish the task you want done.  Myself and
others on the list can be much more helpfull if you try to do some of the

Try to be more specific in what you want.  Maybe give some details as to
what you're trying to accomplish.  What do you want to implement that is
like WIS, DEX, and STR?  How exactly do you want that to work?  The more
details you can give the better.

Put some effort into it yourself.  You mentioned that you want something
similar to WIS, DEX, or STR.  Try using the grep program in Linux or Unix
or "Start / Find" in Windows to find out how WIS, DEX, and STR are done,
then try to reproduce it yourself.  I realize that it will probably be
difficult, but if you try yourself and post back with what your specific
problems are you'll find that people here are much more willing to help
you out to solve your problems than they are to implement the entire
thing for you.

Good luck,

Regards, Peter

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