Re: [QUESTION][CODE] Skill/Spell Choosing: Tree Structure

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 06/17/01

Edward Felch wrote:
> Now, here is my idea: To make a class (adventurer class) that can mix and
> match skills and spells based upon a tree structure of skills, it would be
> like a tech. tree found in real time strategy games but with the
> skills/spells of different classes.
> Example:
>         Beginning--------
>        /  |     \        \
>      Hide Kick Magic M.   Cure L.
>     /   |
>   Sneak Steal

Think of it similar to a college course curriculum.  Ceartain classes
require you to have ceartain other classes as prerequisites.  So each
skill has a prerequisite skill that is required before you can learn that
skill.  It should be fairly easy to indicate that in the skill
structure(s).  Then, if you want, you can also place a level or
experience prerequisite on each skill.  Approached from that angle things
should fall into place relatively easy.

Regards, Peter

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