Re: CODE: Mud crash

From: Sergey S. Khoroshavin (
Date: 06/17/01

> Anyway, ensure that your socials file is still terminated with a single
> $.  E.g.,

Well, some time I forget to place this symbol and was very wondered,
why MUD doesn't load, saying that there is a problem in last social. But
then I realized that I forget this symbol. And then all was fine.

More about crash. I'm starting thinking that I have exceptionaly buggy
comiler, because after setting comments on commands, compiling,
removing them and compiling all files again removed the problem.
So, sorry for bothering you.

Offtopic: can anyone tell is there internal C++ compiler in freeware
version of Linux and if it's included, what machine I need to run Linux.
I'm not allowed to install Linux on home computer, but I'm bored of all
those bugs. :(

Best regards,

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