Does anyone have circlemud30bpl17 with OasisOLCv2.0 and DG Scripts patched in?

From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 06/19/01

Does anyone have Circlemud30bpl17 with OasisOLCv2.0, DG Scripts bpl17,
clans, and social editor patched into it? I'm having a hard time trying to
patch DG Scripts bpl17, clans, and the social editor to circlemud30bpl17
with OasisOLC patched in first. I get errors like undefined reference and
etc.. and I can't even fix all of them. Can someone please send me a
circlemud30bpl17 with those patched in. Thanks. I wish that OasisOLC and DG
Scripts where patched in together so that you can just patch it one time
with ease :P I hope someone can do this for me...


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