[CODE] XapObjs - Perm affects, applies, etc

From: Edward Felch (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 06/21/01

Hey all, I just put in xapobjs and I got it to work and so forth, however it
doesn't seem to save everything that should be saved. In db.c I have xapobjs
turned on to 1.

So far, things like notes and mails seem to save fine, even when I quit, 0,
and relog on. However, a sword that I cast enchant weapon upon (which of
course made UNIQUE part of its extra flags), it did not save the new extra
flags, nor did it save the applies. What is odd is that the flag GLOW is
still set. Sometimes after casting this spell and saving, quitting whenever
I type inventory, etc the MUD crashs.

Has anyone experiences a problem like this (and has an idea for the fix?),
possibly it isn't doing the bitflag saving/converting/loading correctly?

One last thing, how would I go about adding in the saving of object
permanent affects, and dgscript triggers if they don't save?

Thanks alot for any input on this matter.
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