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Date: 06/21/01

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> This is just a sanity check... but do any of you enjoy the mud
> coding so much that you get all the way up to putting up a mud...
> and want to start over from scratch again quickly with all the
> unrelated ideas that you came up with while coding the last one...

This sounds like not so much an issue of mud coding, but of coding in general.
At least I've seen it plenty of times in my professional career.  It generally
comes from taking so much pride in ones work that one is unwilling to be
satisfied with what one perceives as an inferior product.

This tendency generally diminishes with experience, since one is apt to
produce more flexible and well-thought designs as one ages.  I recommend you
stop and play your MUD for a while, and make a list of improvements before you
sit down to create the next version.  Forcing myself to stop has always cured
me in the past, but your results may vary.


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