New Bundle

From: Del (
Date: 06/23/01

I finially got around to updating the bundle I put togather. Had one person
test it out and all seemed to go well.

Old bundle had:
CircleMUD bpl 17
Oasis 2.0
DG Scripts 7a
Ascii Pfiles

New bundle has (and then some):
updated to Circle bpl 18
Fixed bugs on old bundle
Fixed autowiz for ascii
Prompt code
More exits (can be toggled on and off)
Timed shutdown
Xapobjs (fixed saving unique items)

I uploaded the bundle to the site, but if it is not
available in the contrib/server directory you can get it from my home page (and Bundle18a.README)

Be sure to read the README and/or Patched.README file. Some explanations
on a couple of new commands are in there. Also, please be sure to email
the authors of the codes included in the patch. Downloading the bundle
does not bypass the wishes of the coders of those patches.

Let me know if there are any problems with the bundle, and any ideas
that you may think would benefit a future release of it.



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