Re: [CODE] Adding Jake Turners Second Hand Shop code to Del 's bpl18 Bundle

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 06/27/01

> > Is item.sell_price a long int?  If so, then there are two ways to
> > fix this.
> > One is to change all of the %d to %ld where you use item.sell_price. The
> > easier way is to change item.sell_price from a long int to an int.
> The latter would limit the sell price to around 32k gold, wouldn't it? It
> would probably be better to go with the first suggestion.  It doesn't look
> like there are too many places for you to change it anyway.

Considering that every instance of value, gold, etc. are declared as regular
integers throughout the CircleMUD base, I don't see why sell_price should be
declared any differently.


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